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An increasing number of cycling enthusiasts have been wondering what a professional need and the answer to that is simple: A power meter that allows them to track their performance whilst cycling.

What would the cycling enthusiasts do when the market only offers fine devices under exorbitant price, or cheaper but unreliable and alternatives?

Now the high-quality and very affordable P325 CS Dual-Sided Crank Arm Power Meter helps you get out of the awkward dilemma!

That’s why we’ve been working so hard to be able to launch truly prime power meter with full functions that has a great level of accuracy, performance, reliability and quality whilst being affordable as well. Based on the solid R&D foundation in power meters and trainers for 4+ years, we guarantee that you could save 2/3 of your money to get a power meter with fuller functions and of higher quality!

When using your P325 CS power meter outdoors, its accuracy rate of +/-1.5% essentially means that any vibrations caused by a bumpy ride, local environmental conditions such as higher or lower level of humidity or temperature barely affect the data collected by P325 CS.

P325 CS has single side and dual side versions to choose from. The dual side version uses left and right independent module detection to calculate, providing the power data as accurately as possible.


Meanwhile, P325 CS provides torque efficiency pedal smoothness, pedal balance alongside with multiple high-order power and cadence data which enable riders to have a better grasp of their cycling data and improve cycling performance at the same time!

Previous power-meter customization generally involves sending your crank to factories for processing, a process that would often take one whole week or more.

Now here comes the exciting news: in addition to the power meter, the P325 CS contains both cranks and a chainring!

In terms of the crank, we adopt a 3-hollow crank structure, making the crank more rigid and visually symmetrical. Compared to the solid crank, it has stronger integrity and higher stability that is conducive to the accurate collection of power data.

As for the chainring, we use a nail integral design to ensure a better rigidity and make it stronger and lighter.

We independently developed high-quality cranks and chainrings after 160,000 and 190,000 tests to present you better users’ experience.

we adopted a high-energy density certified battery and utilized magnetic charging to make P325 CS more durable. We’ve achieved a quick 3.5h charging time and a battery life up to 200h which would be more than enough to ensure a complete training block without recharging.

This is an obvious concern that every cyclist faces when cycling outdoors: What is the level of the power meter’s waterproof property? Well, the P325 CS comes with increased waterproofing, featuring an IPX7 anti-splash level. The rechargeable design effectively avoids the natural wear of the waterproof rubber caused by battery replacement and improper reinstallation, which in turn causes damage as a result of the water that seeps into the power meter.

Fortunately, the shell of the P325 CS power meter is completely sealed and welded and leaves no gaps at all, which can ensure riders to enjoy their journey safely under any circumstances!


While developing P35 CS, we initially used a hand-drawing approach and then a 3D drawing approach to reach the perfect crankset design. We’ve improved the product’s appearance, strength, and reduced weight. In this aspect in particular, we’ve brought the weight of the crank from 210g to 206g, and then to 200g, having ultimately left it at 198g. Now it’s ready to be yours! We used 7075 aluminum alloy to build the crankset and tested its rigidity to ascertain that the calibration is in line with SHIMANO’s crank rigidity test data benchmarks. This is a device that complies with the ISO 4210-8-2014 standard. We also tested the data and produced video documenting the performance at varying speeds to ensure that, no matter how fast you go, your key power meter’s features won’t fail you.

P325 CS power meter uses the latest version of ANT + and Bluetooth dual protocols, which are widely adapted to code tables and training software that could support any protocol and related data functions, including strava, zwift. It provides reliable and rich stomp data and helps riders to improve their pedaling efficiency.

It is compatible with Shimano and Sram 11-speed or 10-speed front derailleur.

The power meter applies to BB86 and it is also compatible with most of the frames you can find in the market.


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